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At Creativity Pools you are solving complex, challenging questions for a variety of organisations. As student-consultant you are working in a multidiclipinair team with excellente students coming from the Erasmus University Rotterdam, TU Delft an Leiden University. You are working mostly on boardlevel during your project, so you will be talking directly to the top management. By looking from different perspectives the given problem the most creative idea are being developed by your team!


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Completed projects

Joining a Creativity Pool

As student-consultant at Creativity Pools you’re acting at the highest levels within an organization. Our goal is to shape the best learning environment for you, with lots of space to fun as well.

A project takes on average 3 months
You receive a fixed fee for taking part in a project. When you take part in multiple projects you receive a higher fee after the first project.
You receive, together with your team, coaching from one of our executive coaches, mostly people themselves with working experience in the top of various reputable organizations.
When starting as student-consultant you will receive a competency assessment, whereafter we offer you the option to discuss your professional personal development further with a professional coach. Their advice you can already start using during your project!

Justin Brands

"I worked as a student-consultant in 4 projects for Creativity Pools. Every time I had to dive into a completely new industry. After several weeks, in each project, I felt strong enough to have a discussion with the executive board about the future of the organisation. Working together with different disciplines, topcoaches and the freedom you receive I perceive as very valuable experiences for my further career"

Our coaches

A small selection of our coaches

Leo van der Meiden

Luurt-Jan Vermeulen

Menzo de Muinck Keizer

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